The all in one supplier for Sewing Manufacturing Equipment, Automation, Training, Design and Services!
Our TSS Process is operating in more then 200 plants across the country, delivering average savings of more then 30% over traditional manufacturing methods.
More than 30 years ago, our founders studied the supply chains of Japanese Automotive makers to develop a more effective way of producing sewn goods. The result was TSS, an innovative and adaptable production method that has since been adopted across the industry.
Americas 21st produces and sells a range of ergonomic products in house to support full TSS workstations. We also are a dealer for all major brands of sewing machines and sewing equipment, and deliver all equipment ready for immediate production on the Costumers product.
AM21st provides training, engineering, equipment supply, and process development for customers in the Apparel, Upholstery, Commercial Laundry, Automotive, Safety Gear, Uniform, and dozens of other industries. Although our specialty has been in Sewing, TSS principles have been adapted for food packaging, warehousing, and much more.

At AM21st, we have a large inventory ranging from:

  • Sewing Work Stations
  • Ergonomic Equipment
  • Production Pace Timers
  • Ergonomically-Sound Tabletops
  • Tabling Accessories
  • Trouble Light Systems
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats
  • Adjustable Manual and Electronic Ergonomic Stands

New Factory Standup Program

Designed to efficiently open a new sewing operation in the North America with a plant built from the ground up to use modern, efficient, and ergonomic methods of production

Americas 21st will provide or assist in plant design, layout, methods development, equipment provision, equipment customization and install, and operator and supervisor training. We are your one stop shop, you just bring the product, plant, and employees, and we help you set it all up!

Our Engineering team will work with your team to develop an optimized plant that fits your unique business plan. As much as we would like a single template that fits everyone, that isn't the nature of the industry. TSS is designed to adjust to your requirements of quality, volume, versatility, cost, and available workforce.

The completed Engineering plan with be complete with plant layout, staffing and equipment requirements, production sequence, and key performance metrics.
There are many excellent vendors for Industrial Sewing Machines. What sets Americas 21st apart is the dedication to delivering equipment perfect for your specific application, and fully integrated with the rest of your line. During the engineering phase, our team will work with you on cost and availability to develop each line complete, with machines, accessories, matting, signage, displays, even trash cans. During the install process, we will install everything ready to begin production with our training team.

There is a huge performance difference between two identical machines, when one is properly adjusted, with the right folders, gauges, thread tension, and in a custom designed workstation to maximize its performance.
Once all equipment is installed, Americas 21st will be there as your plant begins production. Our team will be hands on working with sewers, mechanics, and supervisors to start production of your products the right way, and set you on your path to growth and continuous improvement. 

We will teach proper Lean manufacturing techniques, and show your management team how to instill these as good habits, that will serve as the foundation for a lean, efficient company for years to come. Our techs will be on site to deal with any immediate equipment adjustments, and working with your mechanics to familiarize them with their new equipment.

Once start up is complete, Americas 21st will be proud to remain your partner for many years, working with you as your company grows and thrives, just as we do for dozens of other customers.
We are the experts at modern sewing

Compete, produce, and thrive


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About AM21st

Design, Installation and Implementation of Lean, Team Manufacturing and Processing Systems; Provision of Associated Training Services and Specialty Equipment and Devices.



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